To All Our Valued Elevacity Product Customers -

First and foremost, know that our hearts go out to any and all who are impacted, whether directly or indirectly, from the spread of this virus.

Also know that our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you. For those infected, we wish you a speedy and complete recovery.
In terms of Elevacity business operations, we want you to know that we are taking extra steps, and in some instances
overlapping precautions, to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our Elepreneurs and Elevacity Product customers.

We also are requiring that appropriate/satisfactory documentation from an employee’s health care provider be submitted to us before that employee is allowed to return to work.

We recognize that these are trying and difficult times for all. Changes are being made so that we can still provide you with the ultimate in service and care.

Additionally, we have spoken with vendors and purchased key formula ingredients, in advance, so
that barring unforeseen changes, we will continue to have our products manufactured and delivered in a timely
and uninterrupted manner.

Again, we hope for the best for all affected and look forward to overcoming this time of challenge with a
unified spirit and steadfast determination to usher in a brighter day for the company and our world!

Keith Halls, President and Kip H. Allison, CEO